Buckhorn Recycling & Compost Facility

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Our Buckhorn facility is located on the outskirts of Logan Township at the top of the 'Buckhorn'. Directions to our facility can be obtained at the bottom of this page. Our facility is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and our material is tested regularly by the Pennsylvania State University to assure that no hazardous constituents are in our finished mulch or compost. The IRC took over the management of the two compost facilities in Fall 2012.

Compost is a great soil amendment for lawns. gardens, and flower beds.  It helps to improve water holding capacity and provides nutirients. Compost can be applied as a top dressing to lawns or flower beds and/or can be mixed with top soil to improve your soil quality.

You can find the complete hours and holiday schedule for our Buckhorn Facility on the right hand side of this page. Our Duncansville facility, located just south of Duncansville, will be open every Tuesday from Noon - 5:00 p.m. Both facilities are a self serve drop-off.

Grass, leaves, and other soft waste may be dropped off at the following fee schedule:

  • 3 bags or less - free
  • Cars, Small pickup, Vans, SUVS or trailer - $4 per load
  • Standard pickup or trailer - $6 per load
  • Grass Passes are available for residents for residents

 Brush and woody waste may be dropped off at the following fee schedule:

  • Cars, Small pickup or trailer - $6 per load
  • Standard pickup or trailer - $8 per load

mulch 2Residents may purchase finished material during regular business hours at the following fee schedule, please contact our office for bulk quantity pricing:

            • Compost bags (1.5 cubic feet) - $6/bag
            • Mulch bags (2 cubic feet) - $3/bag
            • Screened Compost - $20 per one yard scoop
            • Screened Mulch - $20 per one yard scoop
            • Unscreened Mulch - $18 per one yard scoop
            • Wood Chips - $12 per one yard scoop
            • Top Soil - $30 per one yard scoop

*6% sales tax included in price


Recycling Drop-off  

The following items may be recycled at the Buckhorn.  The recycling is a self serve drop-off and residents should be able to unload their own electronics.

You can click on the links below to see the materials accepted at the IRC Recycling and Compost Facility: 

interstate battery                  Commingled 2   ewaste   

Automotive Materials                                Bottles & Cans                                Electronics    

 HHW Examples        OCC Flattened       Cans

      Hazardous Waste                              Paper & Cardboard                                Metals

Yard waste setout

 Mixed Plastics                                          Yard Waste

Note that acceptable mixed plastics now include a smaller set of materials. The Compost Facility does NOT accept recyclable items that are dirty or have not been rinsed. ALL ITEMS MUST BE RINSED AND CLEAN. THANK YOU!

If you have other questions or need further assistance, please call 814-942-7472 or email Katrina at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our main office is located in City Hall in Altoona.





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