The Perfect Recycling Bin

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Like the lottery, you can't win unless you play.  That means you can't win a Recycling Award if you are not recycling. and in order to win, you need to be recycling correctly.


"A Perfect Recycling Bin" will include all of the material collected at the curbside and no recycling should be visible in the trash. Curbside material includes: all plastic bottles #1-7, glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminum cans, newspapers and inserts, magazines and catalogs, phone books, mixed paper and envelopes, junk mail, and shredded paper.  In addition, cardboard and paperboard boxes have been added to the curbsdie collection.  That means that a perfect bin would now include these materials for recycling.  You can flatten your cardboard boxes and bundle them or flatten them and nest them in another box.   

A perfect bin also requires that paper, cardboard, and commingled recycling are prepared as directed.  Paper recycling should be kept dry and bundled or bagged.  Cardboard boxes should be flattened and bundled or flattened and nested inside another box.  Commingled recycling should be rinsed.  Plastic bags may be used only for shredded paper.

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