Bottles & Cans Accepted at Duncansville Facility

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The IRC Recycling and Composting facility accepts a variety of items for recycling in the 'Green Bins' at the Duncansville Facility.  The following are the different bottles and cans and the related fee schedule that are accepted for recycling drop-off at the compost facility.  You can find a complete list of materials accepted and a description of our composting operations here.


Commingled 2

The materials will need to be separated into the categories listed in the table below.  It is important for residents to keep the different materials separate to ensure recyclability.  Our facility is a source separated facility.  This means that the recycling collected at our facilityy needs to be separated into the individual commodity streams.  The recycling at our facility gets directly bailed and sold on the recycling markets.  There is no one to sort recyclilng that has been mixed together at our facility.  When recycling is mixed with trash it is trash.  Please pay attention to the different separations when using our facility and drop-off containers.  

Material Accepted   Fee
 #1 and #2 Plastic Bottles   Free
 Clear Glass Bottles and Jars                  (Must be taken to garage)   Free
 Brown Glass Bottles and Jars                 (Must be taken to garage)
 Green & Blue Glass Bottles and Jars      (Must be taken to garage)    Free
 Aluminum Cans   Free
 Steel and Tin Cans   Free

If you are unsure as to how to recycle at our facility or need other recycling assistance please see an IRC employee.  We frequently have special recycling events to accept different materials.   To learn more about our special recycling events or for other questions.  Please call our office at 814-942-7472 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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