Hazardous Materials Accepted at Buckhorn Facility

Program Available to Most County Residents

This service is available to all residents in participating mandated municipalites (City of Altoona, Hollidaysburg Borough, and Logan Township) and residents in any non mandated municipalities.  Tyrone Borough residents should contact their municipal office for all recycling information, including hazardous materials and electronics.

The IRC Recycling and Composting facility accepts a variety of items for drop-off recycling at the Buckhorn Facility.  The following are hazardous materials accepted and the fee schedule.  You can find a complete list of materials accepted and a description of our composting operations here.   

Material Accepted  Fee
 Automotive Batteries Free
 Re-chargeable batteries (all kinds) Free
 Used Oil Filters

$1 per filter 

 Used Motor Oil Free
 Transmission Fluid Free 
 Power Steering Fluid Free
 Used Cooking Oil

First 5 gallons free

5+ gallons - $2/5 gallons

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

$1 for two

 Fluorescent Tubes

4 ft. tube - $1 each

Over 4 ft. - $2 each

We cannot accept used antifreeze, brake fluid, or other automotive fluids not listed above.  We do accept these at our annual household hazardous waste collection for proper disposal.  These and other chemicals are toxic to people, plants and animals.  They can pollute our streams and water ways.  They should not be dumped down the drain or disposed of in the regular waste stream.  

The IRC hosts an annual Household Hazardous Waste collection to keep these materials out of our homes, water supply, and waste stream. Residents and businesses are able to safely dispose of those chemicals that have accumulated around the house and garage.  Businesses will need to pre-register before participating in the event.  There will be a disposal charge at this event.   We do not accept medications at this event.  The Drug Enforcement Agency works with local law enforcement and pharmacies to offer Prescription Drug Take Back days throughout the year, but local groups have worked together to offer several permanent drop-offs in Blair County for prescription drugs..  Latex paint can be safely disposed of at home by following these directions.  

To learn when this event will be held, or for other questions, please call our office at 814-942-7472 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Intermunicipal Cooperation

Cooperative Efforts = Efficient & Effective Government

Pennsylvania local government can be very fragmented and inefficient but cooperative ventures among municipalities usually saves tax dollars while providing for more effective programs administered by more qualified staff. The Intermunicipal Relations Committee (IRC) has been a great example. The four mandated recycling municipalities could never have afforded to each hire a qualified recycling manager, but together they could administer their program effectively and efficiently.  Several other agencies have addressed other local government responsibilities.

Other Intermunicipal Programs & Agencies

  • Central Blair Recreation Commission - A cooperative effort of the City of Altoona, Logan Township and the Altoona Area School District, the commission overseas parks and recreation programs in the Greater Altoona area.
  • Blair County Sanitary Adminstrative Committee - This committee oversees on-lot septic system permitting and enforcement and includes most of the municipalities in the county.
  • AMTRAN (Altoona Metro Transit Bus Authority) - Evolving from the old Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway Company, the bus authority provides bus transportation throughout the Greater Altoona area.
  • Altoona Water Authority - The Altoona Water Authority provides water and sewer service to a number of central Blair County communities and partners with several other authorities and municipalities.
  • Blair County Library System - The Blair County Library System is a cooperative effort of the eight public libraries and ther supporting school districts and offer inter-library lending in addition to meeting rooms and literacy and community programs.

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