Compost Facility Reminders

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Grass Clippings Treated with Imprelis

Grass clippings treated with the herbicide Imprelis or any yard trimmings that might have come in contact with the broad-leaf weed killer will not be accepted at the IRC Recycling & Compost Facility.  The herbicide has been linked to damage and the deaths of several species of evergreen trees including members of the spruce family that grow in Pennsylvania. The chemical is very persistent and does not biodegrade as quickly as some other herbicides, meaning that residues of Imprelis may remain in clippings and compost made from those clippings for extended periods.

The herbicide was used only by certified applicators and had not yet been used in weed killers available to homeowners. Call your lawn chemical company if you think they might have used Imprelis. Use of the chemical was recently suspended throughout the United States and not even professional applicators may now use it. If you have further questions, contact the IRC at (814) 942-7472.

Securing of Yard Waste Loads

Residents and businesses transporting yard waste to the county's compost facilities are reminded that loads must be secured and that drivers may be subject to substantial fines if they loose a portion of a load on a state or municipal roadway. The loss of material on a public road can cause  a serious hazard, so tie down those loads securely!

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