Outstanding Business & Institutional Programs

Since our renewed outreach to business and institutional establishments began several years ago, a number have instituted new recycling programs or enhanced existing efforts.  Here are several that have turned the tide and are now among our most outstanding programs. If you think you deserve to be on the list, call (942-7472) or e-mail Education and Enforcement Coordinator Katrina Pope at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Businesses & Plazas

  • Best Buy
  • Chris' Hallmark
  • Gardner's Candy
  • Giant Eagle
  • Greenwood Center
  • Knisely and Sons
  • M & T Bank - 17th Street
  • New Specialty Lift Trucks

Professional Offices

  • Drayer and Associates
  • Altoona Social Security Office


  • American Eagle Recycled Paper
  • General Cable

Restaurants & Food Establishments

  • Bavarian Hall
  • Chipolte
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Don's In and Out Pizza
  • Hungry Howies Pizza
  • Jack and Georges
  • Olive Garden
  • Red Lobster
  • Station Mall McDonalds
  • TK's Sub and Six Pack
  • The Capital Hotel
  • The US Hotel

Parks & Recreational Facilities

  • Central Blair Recreation Commission
  • Hollidaysburg Borough Park
  • Hollidaysburg Area YMCA
  • Tyrone Reservoir Park
  • Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site
  • Lakemont Park
  • DelGrosso Park
  • Little Leagues
    • Hollidaysburg Little League
    • Hollidaysburg Area Girls' Softball League
    • Altoona Little League
    • East End Little League

Places of Worship

  • First Evangelical Lutheran Church - 1401 - 12th Avenue, Altoona
  • Pleasant Valley Assembly of God - 1520 - 11th Street, Altoona
  • Trinity Lutheran Church - 408 North 6th Street, Altoona


  • Hollidaysburg Area School District
    • Longer Elementary
    • Hollidaysburg Junior High
    • Hollidaysburg Senior High
  • Altoona Area School District
    • Altoona Area Senior High
    • Altoona Area Junior High
  • Tyrone Area School District
  • Holy Trinity School
  • The Great Commission School

Other Institutions

  • Altoona Regional Health Systems
  • Altoona Transportation Center
  • Joshua House
  • The Devorris Business Center
  • Skills, Inc. - Cortland Avenue, Altoona
  • Intermunicipal Relations Committee COG Members
    • Altoona City Hall
    • Altoona Fire Department
    • Hollidaysburg Borough Building
    • Logan Township Municipal Complex
    • Tyrone Borough Building

Multifamily Buildings

  • Graystone Courts
  • Durbin and Associates

Latest IRC Blog

Holiday Routines, Recycling, and Role Models

Christmas and Hanukkah are both, among other things, times of hope and anticipation. New Years is seen as a time of renewal or resolution.

The season often brings a hope for peace and happiness.  Beyond the anticipation of gifts, we are also eager to share time with friends and family.  Our resolutions are most often directed at self-improvement.

We might also think of these themes of hope, anticipation and resolution to do better in terms of environmental stewardship.  But just like the more traditional holiday spirit, these acts of stewardship should not be solitary actions.  Part of what we do has to be directed toward spreading the good things, the noble thoughts, the beneficial actions.

Not everyone reads the Earth Matters columns or thinks that environmental concerns should be a priority.  Life’s complications (especially during the always hectic holiday season), can push environmental concerns very low on our priority lists.

So we should do all we can to bring these acts of stewardship into our everyday lives.  Make them routine.  Make them part of every day and every place.  And do what you can to spread the word and the enthusiasm.  More than a quarter of most communities are enthusiastic environmental advocates.  We have to find a way to spread that word and zeal to a broader portion of our neighbors.

Recycling – For the first time, a large portion of Blair County has access to widespread and convenient recycling for all kinds of boxes and paper gift wrap .  Curbside collection programs will accept wrapping paper with your newspapers, magazines and mixed paper, as well as cardboard and paperboard (including gift boxes). 

If someone doesn’t seem to be recycling over the holidays, politely ask them where their recycling bin might be, that you’ll be happy to get it for them.  If they live outside the curbside recycling communities, remind them that a Christmas wrapping drop-off will be at the Logan Valley Mall the two days right after Christmas from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Energy – Turn the heat back a few degrees when you head off for those holiday visits.  Flick the light off when you leave the room, not just at home but at work and on the road, too.  Don’t let the car idle for long periods and because of you that friend or coworker that hasn’t been paying attention to such matters might just start.

Conversation – When folks get together over the holidays, it gives them a chance to talk and enjoy each other’s company.  Conversations often turn to the state of the world or the place where we live.  The environment can often be one of the topics that arises.  When stodgy Uncle Bertram starts complaining that environmental protection efforts are a luxury we can’t afford, let him know that energy conservation and waste reduction have actually been good for business.

So this is a time to act.  Just as importantly it is a time to get others to act.  The holidays should not just be about presents, it should be about spreading good will and doing what we can to make our spot on the planet a better place in every way.

The IRC’s annual holiday wrapping recycling event is December 26-27 at the Logan Valley Mall from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Live Christmas trees can recycled at the Altoona and Logan Township highway yards, Antis Compost Facility, the IRC Composting Facilities in Duncansville and Buckhorn. Hollidaysburg, Tyrone, and Martinsburg all offer curbside tree collection.  

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