2013 Rainbarrel & Compost Bin Sale

Written by Katrina Pope. Posted in Special Events and Collections

Our rain barrel and compost bin sale event was in early June but barrels and bins are still available at the IRC compost and recycling facilities and at the IRC recycling office in Altoona City Hall, 1301 - 12th Street.  
What a great way to welcome Spring!  The IRC is pleased to feature The Earth MachineTM Backyard Compost Bin and the SYSTERN Rain Barrel.  Both products will be available to area residents on a first come, first served basis until all bins are sold. SYSTERN Rain Barrels and Earth Machine™ Backyard Compost Bins will be available for only $65.00 and $55.00, respectively, tax included.  This is a significant savings from the regular retail prices of $100.00 and $120.00.
The Earth Machine™ can be used to compost kitchen scraps, leaves, plants, old potting soil and soft plant stems from the garden, to produce beautiful compost that can be used as a rich soil additive for lawns and gardens.  Compost adds nutrients and improves soil water retention, giving you greener grass, healthier flowers and better fruits and vegetables. 
The SYSTERN Rain Barrel, made by the same company that makes the Earth Machine composter, will also be available.  Capturing rain water by using the SYSTERN Rain Barrel helps to reduce water pollution and soil erosion within our community while conserving a valuable natural resource.  Rain barrels are great for watering gardens during summer dry spells and for filling ornamental ponds, all without increasing our water and sewage bills.  These pre-formed bins, made from recycled content HDPE, are attractive, convenient to set up and use, and come with a 10-year replacement manufacturer's warranty.
For additional information about Earth Machine Backyard Composters, the SYSTERN Rain Barrel, or details on picking one up, call 814-942-7472.

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