Summer Yard Waste Drop-off

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Yard Waste Recycling Opportunities Continue

Yard waste collection is still available to residents in the Borough of Hollidaysburg.

Drop-off locations are available to residents  at the Blair County Compost Facility, 1014 Blacksnake Road, the Altoona City Highway Yard, 5010 West 6th Avenue, the Tyrone Borough Garage, 1500 Lincoln Avenue.

  • Do not burn yard waste. It is illegal to burn leaves in all mandated recycling communities and burning of woody yard waste is not permitted in most recycling municipalities.
  • Only compostable materials should be set out for collection or be placed in the paper bags.
  • Leaves and grass clippings should be go in the standard 30 gallon kraft paper bag.
  • Do not tape the paper bags shut. Simply fold over the top of the bag.
  • No plastic bags are ever collected in any of the municipal yard waste collections or at any of the yard waste drop-off sites.

Need a Bin? Stop In.

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If you still need a recycling bin, you can pick them up at the IRC  office, IRC municipal  buildings or highway yards. Our residential bin distribution event the end of October was a rousing success but some residents missed the event.

Recyclable Materials

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Recycled Materials

What materials are required to be recycled?

Curbside Recycling

Visit our curbside recycling web page for more on the recyclable materials included in our program.

  • Newspaper
  • Other Mixed Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel Cans

Special Drop-Off Recycling

Beyond traditional curbside recycling opportunities, many special materials can also be dropped off at recycling facilities.  Here are some of the most commonly generated materials. Special note: there are currently no local outlets for mixed rigid plastics, #3-7 bottles or other plastic beyond the bottles collected at the curbside.

  • Some special recyclable materials are also accepted at our Buckhorn & Duncansville facilities. Visit those pages for a complete list.
  • Plastic bags and film - Most supermarkets and several other retailers provide plastic bag recycling.
  • Scrap metal - Two scrap yards provide metal recycling in Blair County
    • Danny's Metals - 1917-9th Avenue, Altoona - 943-4773
    • Caracciolo Steel and Metal Yard - East Sixth Avenue Road, Altoona - 944-4051


Why Recycle?

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Why Recycle?

Recycling and composting have many benefits, both environmentally and economically. Though recycling can generate ten times the number of jobs than disposal of that waste in a landfill, ill-informed critics still claim that it is a waste of time and resources. For an excellent summary of the benefits of recycling, take a look the article from the Pennsylvania Sierra Club written by IRC Director John Frederick. Here are some other great resources to help you dispel those myths.

The Next Big Step

As Blair County embarks on its ten year update on its Solid Waste Management Plan, we are aiming higher, hoping to improve our recycling program.  Check out our list of goals to build a more outstanding recycling, composting and waste reduction effort.


Dispelling the Myths

The Benefits of Recycling

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