Resources for Haulers

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The IRC recycling program can only be as strong as its weakest link.  So it is important for our haulers to work hard to recycle as well as possible.  This page and connected resources are designed to help the haulers and recycling firms reach that goal.

Hauler Requirement Notes

Haulers in the IRC communities are required to recycle if they collect waste in Altoona, Logan Township, and Hollidaysburg Borough.  Haulers can checkout the ordinances specifically or can also refer to this summary of important waste and recycling regulations.

Hauler Newsletters

The IRC office periodically publishes a Collection News newsletter to assist haulers in better understanding their responsibilities.  Newsletters are available on-line.

Hauler Survey

Haulers in the IRC recycling program can take our hauler survey on line.  Simply click on and you'll go straight to the survey.  Thanks for your help in completing it.

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