Hauler Regulations

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The municipal ordinances in Altoona, Logan, and Hollidaysburg are nearly identical to other municipalities.  While most haulers are obeying most guidelines, here are some problems that should be corrected.

  • Prepared recyclables must be recycled by you.  If recyclables are set out the wrong week, they should be left at the curbside.  If they are contaminated, they should be left at the curbside and...
  • A contamination report should be submitted for every serious violation that is left at the curbside.  You should not throw the recyclables in the trash unless you file a contamination report.
  • Waste must be collected in a compaction vehicle so as to prevent trash from blowing out of your trucks.  Only trucks carrying bulky waste only may be open bed vehicles.  Even those open bed trucks should always have their loads well secured.
  • Recyclable materials must also be secured and covered.  Open containers from which plastics or paper might blow onto roadways are not permitted.
  • Everyone that collects waste must also provide for recycling as described in the guidelines.  That means that even clean out services must provide for recycling when some of those materials are part of the curbside or commercial recycling list.
  • Waste and recycling must be kept separate.  If you collect them in the same vehicle there must be a physical barrier that assures that they are kept separate from each other.
  • Recyclable paper and cardboard must be kept separate from bottles and cans.  This is to assure that broken glass will not be mixed with newspaper or other paper.
  • All recyclables must be delivered to an approved recycling facility.  Haulers are not permitted to market some materials for profit while dumping lower valued recyclables to an approved facility.
  • All collection trucks should be labeled with lettering at least six inches high.  This includes waste and recycling vehicles.  Trucks used to collect both waste and recycling should be labeled as such or have a sign that can be changed when it switches from one to the other.  The identification should be visible on both sides of the truck.
  • All haulers should have an office phone that is either staffed or is equipped with an operable answering machine during typical business hours.
  • A written service description should be submitted to all your residential customers during the month of December.  This shall include:
    • Day of waste collection
    • Day and week of recyclable collection
    • Arrangements for special collections of bulky waste, corrugated cardboard, construction and demo waste or other unusual waste or recyclable material not collected during regular curbside collection.
  • All haulers must offer a low volume generator rate.  Those households that regularly generate notably smaller amounts of waste must be offered some reduction in price for waste service.  All recycling service shall be unlimited and additional charges may not be levied for additional recycling.

These reminders serve as official notification of these provisions and violations may result in immediate citation.  Please feel free to e-mail or call (942-7472) the IRC office for clarification on any of these issues.

Resources for Haulers

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The IRC recycling program can only be as strong as its weakest link.  So it is important for our haulers to work hard to recycle as well as possible.  This page and connected resources are designed to help the haulers and recycling firms reach that goal.

Hauler Requirement Notes

Haulers in the IRC communities are required to recycle if they collect waste in Altoona, Logan Township, and Hollidaysburg Borough.  Haulers can checkout the ordinances specifically or can also refer to this summary of important waste and recycling regulations.

Hauler Newsletters

The IRC office periodically publishes a Collection News newsletter to assist haulers in better understanding their responsibilities.  Newsletters are available on-line.

Hauler Survey

Haulers in the IRC recycling program can take our hauler survey on line.  Simply click on http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XQBHYPZ and you'll go straight to the survey.  Thanks for your help in completing it.

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