Hauler Newsletter - Late Winter 2011

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Upcoming Meeting

Our Spring hauler meeting is 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 29th at the Logan Township Building.   Remember that all hauling firms must be represented at these hauler meetings.

Residential Recycling Notes

Recycling Schedule

All haulers must now be on the same recycling collection schedule in Altoona and Hollidaysburg.  We have included  that schedule for the next few months at the bottom of the page.  Recycling should be done every two weeks after that.  You may still collect recycling weekly if you prefer but you must notify your customers if you choose to do weekly collection.  Stop in or e-mail us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for a copy of the 2011 calendar if you still need one.

Written Service Descriptions

You must send each of your residential customers a written description of billing arrangements and services you provide

  • At the beginning of each year
  • When you begin service with them
  • If you must change some part of your service

Collection Truck Reminders

Recycling and waste vehicles must:

  • Always have their load secured and covered
  • Be sure that leachate does not leak out of the compaction compartment
  • Be labeled with six inch lettering, listing your company’s name, the town or city you are located, your phone number and the kind of material you are carrying

Residential Bins

We still have a bundle of curbside bins and we want to get them to the curbside where they belong.  More than half our households do not use or have a bin and we want them to get a bin as soon as they can. I hope you will be understanding, however, that we cannot simply give out a bunch of bins to each of you.  We are required to record an address for each bin we give out in an effort to cut down on people getting bins for other purposes besides recycling.  So if you have a customer that needs a bin:
Have the resident stop at the IRC office or one of the IRC municipal buildings or garages.  (Besides being easier for you, this also gives us a chance to explain things to them and give them the best bin setup for their situation.)
Bring us the name and address of the customer and the information on how many and what type of bins they have now.

Low Volume Rates

Our ordinances also require that you offer residents a low volume rate if they make small amounts of trash.  We cannot tell you what you should charge a customer but we do require that you give some sort of price break to households that are recycling more and making less trash.

Improving Commercial & Institutional Recycling

As we noted in the last few issues, many commercial and institutional buildings are recycling cardboard but not much else.  Every building and public place in the four municipalities are required to recycle bottles,cans, newspaper and other printed paper.  We continue to remind businesses and institutions that all of these materials must be recycled. Let us again pass along some helpful hints that might assist you in recycling more without necessarily spending more time or money for additional collections or containers.  Let us make these suggestions.

  • For smaller businesses, simply make them part of your residential recycling collection route.  You are recycling in that neighborhood anyway, so stop and pick the small commercial stops when you pass nearby.
  • For larger businesses, be sure to make adjustments in their waste container or waste collection schedule.  This is especially important and worthwhile if you are adding cardboard collection to an establishment that has been doing no recycling at all.  If you reduce the amount of waste by 25% to 50%, you need much less waste dumpster space and you, the hauler, will save money on trash tip fees at the transfer station, too.
  • Recycling bins are available from the IRC.  The IRC purchased a number of bins and carts with a recycling grant from DEP.  Bins and lids are now available to any business, institution or multi-family building in the IRC communities.  These include:
    • The old traditional 18 gallon bin
    • Taller and bigger 22 gallon rectangular bins
    • 25 gallon round containers
  • Wheeled carts are also available.  A limited number of wheeled carts are also available for use in schools, institutions, non-profit organizations and cooperative commercial business properties or developments.  Notify us of the places that need such containers and we’ll make arrangements to deliver the carts.

Hauler Newsletter - Early Winter 2010

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Hauler Committees to Meet December 2nd

Our recently formed hauler sub-committees will meet at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 2, 2010 in the first floor meeting room of the Logan Township Municipal Building off 26th Street and Michelle Drive. The committee’s formation was discussed at our last hauler meeting and several companies volunteered to be part of those meetings.  Since most volunteers were interested in both committees we will hold one meeting to discuss all the collection issues.  These will include:

  • Adding corrugated cardboard to residential collection
  • The exploration of moving toward a single recycling collector while continuing the independent waste hauling system
  • Discussions on establishing uniform collection days
  • Brainstorming on how to improve recycling compliance among both residents and businesses (if time permits)

Hauler Newsletter - Fall 2010

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Hauler Meeting Set for October 19th

That next mandatory hauler meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 in the first floor meeting room of the Logan Township Municipal Building off 26th Street and Michelle Drive, two blocks west of Pleasant Valley Boulevard.  We hope to go over:

  • The 2011 residential collection schedule
  • Collection vehicle requirements
  • Bin and cart distribution procedures
  • Ways to improve generator compliance

We will also discuss the formation of committees to explore:

  • Adding corrugated cardboard to residential collection
  • The feasibility of other recycling collection strategies

Remember that all hauling firms must be represented at these hauler meetings.

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