Construction and Demolition Recycling

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Like any business in a mandated recycling community, all common recyclable materials must be separated from trash and recycled at all construction and demolition projects, both large and small.  In Blair County this includes the City of  Altoona, Logan Township, Hollidaysburg Borough and Tyrone Borough.

No burning or burying!

With the exception of Clean Fill (unpainted rock, brick or concrete), no C & D waste may be buried.  It is also illegal to burn C & D waste.  No C & D waste of any kind (except Clean Fill) may be dumped and left on the ground, even on the work site. Visit "Review Your Construction Disposal Practices" for more on the state requirements on this topic.

What must be recycled?

The most common required recyclable in construction and demolition settings is  corrugated cardboard.  However, our ordinances also require the recycling of all your bottles and cans and printed paper. Several other separate state laws require recovery of other special wastes.  Two  mercury-containing items found in many buildings (mercury thermostats and  fluorescent tubes and bulbs) may not be dumped with regular trash.  Call us (814-942-7472) or check out our fact sheets on those products.

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Outstanding Business & Institutional Programs

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Since our renewed outreach to business and institutional establishments began several years ago, a number have instituted new recycling programs or enhanced existing efforts.  Here are several that have turned the tide and are now among our most outstanding programs. If you think you deserve to be on the list, call (942-7472) or e-mail Education and Enforcement Coordinator Katrina Pope at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Businesses & Plazas

  • Best Buy
  • Chris' Hallmark
  • Gardner's Candy
  • Giant Eagle
  • Greenwood Center
  • Knisely and Sons
  • M & T Bank - 17th Street
  • New Specialty Lift Trucks

Professional Offices

  • Drayer and Associates
  • Altoona Social Security Office


  • American Eagle Recycled Paper
  • General Cable

Making Your Business Greener

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1. Recycle and use recyclable, recycled or reused packaging.

  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, bottles and cans.
  • Retailers should offer incentives for use of reusable bags or reuse of old bags.
  • Mail orders can be packaged in old boxes and used styrofoam peanuts or newspapers.
  • Manufacturers should use recyclable corrugated cardboard and recycled paperboard while minimizing wasteful packaging and unnecessary plastic wraps.

2.  Close the recycling loop by buying, selling and manufacturing recycled goods when possible.

  • Retailers should offer recycled products and goods in recyclable and recycled packages when possible.
  • Manufacturers should explore recycled materials to replace raw materials or virgin fibers.
  • Businesses with large amounts of one kind of waste should consider waste exchanges with other firms that can utilize those wastes.
  • Buy locally when possible.  It's environmentally preferable and supports your community as well.

Business & Institutional Recycling

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Businesses and institutions in mandated recycling communities are often unaware of their recycling requirements. Many are also concerned that recycling will be complicated, cumbersome and expensive. We believe that recycling becomes second nature once a well-thought out program is put in place and does not necessarily add significant cost. As part of a comprehensive "Greening" of your business or institution, recycling, waste reduction and energy conservation efforts are likely to ultimately reduce the cost of doing business. For more on Greening your workplace, take a look at our list of helpful hints. Or look over some of our outstanding business and institutional recycling programs.

Education of your staff is an important component of a successful program.  Below is a list and some images of the materials you should be recycling in your workplace.  All businesses, offices, institutions, and public areas are required by law to recycle all of these materials in Altoona, Logan Township, Tyrone Borough and Hollidaysburg Borough.

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