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Hollidaysburg Borough Council continues to solicit input from borough residents as they consider collection system changes. A public meeting was held September 28, 2016 and you can still offer your input by completing the related on-line survey. Changes in the borough's program have been considered because the borough has struggled to reach the level of success enjoyed in other communities across the state. The Borough and IRC want to hear what you think and what services are important to you. Please take a few minutes to complete our Recycling Survey (

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In an effort to make recycling easier for everyone, the IRC has worked with My-Waste to develop a smartphone app for our area. Exciting features for residents include: the ability to report a missed collection, sign-up for alerts, set a personal recycling calendar, and search for nearby drop-offs. You may use this feature on your desktop or download the mobile app to your smartphone device.

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Electronics Recycling at Buckhorn Facility

Most Materials Free, Some Now Have Modest Fee

Due to increased recycling costs for non-televsion and non-computer electronics, a small fee is now in effect for some of those items.  The IRC Recycling and Composting facility still accepts a variety of items for recycling at the Buckhorn Facility and computers and televisions are still free. The following are the different electronic items accepted and the fee schedule. You can find a complete list of materials accepted and a description of our composting operations here. 


In 2010, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed legislation requiring the recycling of televisions, computers, and related electronic devices. This service is free to all residents.  It is a self serve drop-off.  Residents should be able to unload their electronics without assistance.  If you have truck load quantities, please call ahead to ensure that we have adequate space.  You can reach the IRC Compost Facility staff at 814-941-6675. 

The materials will need to be separated into the categories listed in the table below. It is important for residents to keep the different materials separate to ensure recyclability. Our facility is a source separated facility.  This means that the recycling collected at our facilityy needs to be separated into the individual commodity streams.  The recycling at our facility gets directly bailed and sold on the recycling markets.  There is no one to sort recyclilng that has been mixed together at our facility.  When recycling is mixed with trash it is trash.  Please pay attention to the different separations when using our facility.  

Material Accepted   Fee
Covered Electronics:  
 Computer Towers and Laptops   Free
 Keyboards, printers, faxes, copiers, and mice   Free
 Printer & Toner Cartridges   Free
 Computer speakers   Free
 Televisions   Free
 Computer Monitors   Free

Other Electronics: 

Christmas lights    Free
Microwaves and toaster ovens    Free
Cell phones and digital cameras    Free
Metal appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, washer, and dryers    Free
Metal curling irons    Free
Portable DVD Players and other similar sized electronics    $1
Full-sized DVD players, VCR%s, and other similar sized electronics    $2
Stereos, sound systems, speakers, and other similar sized electronics    $5
Oversized stereos and sound systems    $10

Freon containing devices:


Refridgerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers

Electronics NOT accepted
Vacuum cleaners  
Shop vacs  
Plastic housefans  
And other mostly plastic electronics  

If you are unsure as to how to recycle at our facility or need other recycling assistance please see an IRC employee.  We frequently have special recycling events to accept different materials.  To learn more about our special recycling events or for other questions.  Please call our office at 814-942-7472 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Thanks to Ward Trucking for their extra support of our electronics recycling. ward


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2016 Keep Blair Beautiful Special Recycling Event A Success

Recycling Results from October 22, 2016.


This multi-material recycling collection took place on Saturday, October 22 from 8 a.m. to noon at the Peoples Natural Gas Field, Home of the Altoon Curve with over 50 volunteers helping to make the event run smoothly and unload cars.  Over 400 households participated in the event and recycled nearly 60,000 lbs. of material including many different electronics, appliances, eyeglasses, batteries, boxes, bags, and books.   Most electronics, nearly 45,000 lbs., will be recycled with Reverse Logistics, the current contract holder for the IRC electronics program.  IRC staff safely captured Freon and 7,500 lbs. of appliances were recycled with Charles Caracciolo Steel and Metal yard. Eyeglasses will be redistributed through the Lakemont Lions Club and their Lions Recycle for Sight Program.  Thank you to all who participated and supported the effort.


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