Keep Blair Beautiful Special Recycling Event

Event Set for October 22, 2016 and volunteers are needed!


Residents are invited to recycle their tires, electronics, batteries, boxes, bags & books at our upcoming special material recycling collection. The event includes Freon containing appliances. This multi-material recycling collection will take place on Saturday, October 22 from 8 a.m. to noon (rain or shine). The event will be held at the Peoples Natural Gas Field, Home of the Altoon Curve. Residents will enter the VIP parking lot near the ticket booth and exit at the bottom towards Frankstown Road. All materials collected at the event will be recycled!

Building a Recycling System for Tomorrow

Hollidaysburg Borough Residents - Take Our Survey

Hollidaysburg Borough Council continues to solicit input from borough residents as they consider collection system changes. A public meeting was held September 28, 2016 and you can still offer your input by completing the related on-line survey. Changes in the borough's program have been considered because the borough has struggled to reach the level of success enjoyed in other communities across the state. The Borough and IRC want to hear what you think and what services are important to you. Please take a few minutes to complete our Recycling Survey (

National Analysis Confirms Local Program Struggles

Resource Recycling magazine recently published the summary of a recycling analysis in a number of communities around the country.  We compared those numbers to our own here in Blair County. Local processor and hauler data shows that the household recycling rate in our program is 232 pounds per household, or 37% of our recyclable material. The best programs recovered nearly 70% of their recyclable materials.

Figures from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) show the program is in the bottom 15% of those serving more than 15,000 people. That means that somewhere between the store and the recycling center, the average IRC household is losing track of 634 pounds of recyclables every year. 




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2016 Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection A Success


The 14th annual Blair County household hazardous waste collection was held on July 8th and 9th.   This is the fourth year the Intermunicipal Relations Committee has hosted the event since the closure of the Blair County Department of Solid Waste and Recycling in 2012. The event continues to be a success with nearly 700 households and several small businesses participating.  The Lakemont Lions Club supported the event with volunteers and the Penn State Cooperative Extension supported the event with Mr. Yuk stickers for participating residents. 


The event collected over 88,000 lbs. of paint and hazardous waste.  Items accepted included: aerosols, antifreeze, automotive batteries, corrosive acids and bases, flammable liquids, solids and adhesives, fluorescent light bulbs, garden chemicals, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, used motor oil, oil-based paints, oil filters, paint solvents, organic peroxides, oxidizing liquids and solids, poisonous liquids and solids, pool chemicals, PCB ballast and capacitors, reactive and non-reactive chemicals and indeterminate chemicals. 


This is an annual event, and will not be hosted again in Blair County until summer 2017.  Residents who missed the event should visit to determine if any of their hazardous waste is accepted at the IRC Buckhorn Recycling and Compost Facility on Blacksnake Road.  Information on how to dry out latex paint for disposal can also be found on the IRC’s website.  The event is co-sponsored by the IRC, PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Department of Agriculture and MXI of Virginia was the disposal contractor.


For more info visit, if you have questions or would like to volunteer at a future event please call 942-7472 or email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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Please remember... this was a two day only, annual event held on July 8th, and 9th of 2016.  The 2017 date has not been determined.  You can find instructions for handling latex paint here.  We cannot accept medications at this event, but you can take them to one of the permanent drop-offs.  

To better understand what is toxic or carcinogenic you can also check out these resources:

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